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Describe U: Engineering

Describe You - Engineering

Hi there… My name is Gwen Pawlikowski and for most
of my career, I’ve been helping internationally
trained engineers and tech professionals to talk about
their work in English. And I am still interested in
learning more about how to support people who move
from their engineering or tech job in a home country to
an English-speaking country and use those same skills. So I’m going to be
doing some interviews, writing some articles
and generally finding out more about the sorts of things that people need to
know when it comes to communication when they
move from a home country to an English-speaking country. And so if
you have ideas or suggestions, please let me know.
I’d love to hear from you. That’s the end of my little blurb
But I noticed that a lot of people talk about food and particularly the sorts
of food that they miss from their home countries.
Well, I’m living in Canada so this is my home country.
But I also spent some time living in japan
quite a bit earlier in my career. But I got addicted to one particular type of
food; I want to share it with you. It is okonomiyaki sauce
and okonomiyaki. I really love this food and I still cook it regularly
because it’s just so tasty. So I want to say
to the people who make this sauce:
thank you so much. And I also want to say thank you
to the people who make sure that it’s on sale
in Canada. It’s really great.
Thank you for making cabbage so much more
awesome thanks to okonomiyaki sauce.