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Getting Comfortable with LinkedIn Episode 4

Episode 4: Connect with future colleagues

Hi again, I’m Gwen Pawlikowski and this is getting comfortable with LinkedIn. Thanks so much for joining me. When you join LinkedIn just like all of other social media. You won’t have any contacts at the beginning. So you’ll need to add some you can do this by allowing LinkedIn to add people who are in your existing email list. That’s fine.

Choose carefully

Be careful because you want to make sure that the people who are in your present are also the same people who will be comfortable with you in your future and you have plans for what you want to do in your future. So choose carefully among who you want to invite to be your contact on LinkedIn.

Follow companies where you’d like to work

Having said that, I think you should also look at some companies where you’d like to work in the future. ER so choose companies to follow and follow their pages and then also find people who work for those companies in the jobs that you’d like to do and then send a contact request to someone who does that same job and you can say something like this: ‘Hi Bob. I’m interested in working at the same company where you work and doing a similar job. Could I add you to my list of contacts?’

You’ll learn about Bob’s compnay and career

Most of the time, Bob and people like Bob will accept your request and by following what’s in Bob’s feed which will turn up in yours. You will find out interesting things about what Bob’s job is like and what it’s like to work at Bob’s company. So that’s a quick suggestion for helping you to move forward on building up your list of contacts on LinkedIn. Join me for the next episode where I’ll talk about how to add more contacts, content to your feed really quickly. I’m Gwen Pawlikowski and this has been getting comfortable using LinkedIn.