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Getting Comfortable with LinkedIn Episode 8

Episode 8: Practice group

Hi, again, Gwen Pawlikowski here with getting comfortable using LinkedIn. Happy to be back with you. In this episode, I want to talk about the group that hopefully you’ve just joined. This is my group that is set up, just so that you have an opportunity to practice and get comfortable using LinkedIn in a group. This episode really is about encouraging you to be brave. I’m going to put regular postings up that you can react and respond to you can like them or comment on them.

Get comfortable asserting your individual self

The purpose of this group is really to get comfortable with asserting your individual self. That is the point of it. So you probably haven’t done it yet. In the first after hearing it just the first Time. But I’m encouraging you to really do it. Get on the site and interact and get comfortable using LinkedIn. I’m going to talk more in the next episode about setting up your pronunciation of your name on LinkedIn, looking forward to seeing you for that. This has been getting comfortable using LinkedIn with Gwen Pawlikowski.