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Content to promote D&I values and messaging

What We Offer

Expertise in promoting diversity and inclusion through video, photography, partnership development, events and training. We build your social presence and attract more diverse customers, partners and employees.

Our Vision

Highlight Communication aims to contribute to increasingly diverse and inclusive workplaces. We want to help build belonging through our work. Our communication tools share successes and help to build capacity in organizations and individuals.

Our Community

We are based in New Westminster, BC, which is in the heart of the Metro Vancouver area. We operate in this diverse community and travel to customer sites wherever they may be. Our history includes a video

Our Services


    We provide customized written content such as feature articles, case studies, blog postings, marketing material or responses for Request for Proposals and Call for Responses.


    Our video team will capture the action taking place in your industry/organization and wow viewers with the story of your diverse, inclusive practice.


    We'll work with your team to understand your values and needs, then build learning materials that reinforce your D&I values.


    We can work with you to organize a D&I-related event that motivates customers, partners and future employees for more engagement with your organization.

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