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Getting Comfortable with LinkedIn Episode 7

Episode 7: Share posts from others

Hi again, I’m Gwen Pawlikowski and this is getting comfortable with LinkedIn episode 7.
In this episode, let’s talk about another way to assert yourself and that is by sharing the posts of others.

You choose what is valuable for you

You might think, well, how am I asserting myself when I share the post of others? But you are, you are because you are choosing what you think is valuable or worthwhile. You can simply just share and not say anything at all. All you do is click the share button. It’s super easy, but there’s a lot of value in adding your own take on why you think this is worthwhile. There are a couple of ways you can do this. You can simply say this article is great or I really love this posting or whatever something as general as that. You can go deeper, too. You can paraphrase or summarize the main ideas that are in the article that you thought were valuable or worth while you can see what I did on when I shared a recent article about paternity leave. I thought that article had a lot of value and I wanted other people to read it as well.

You will find other with similar values through shares

Another thing that you can do and this is particularly useful. When you have articles that you want to share is just read through the article and find a part of it that you think is really good, maybe the most important part for you and then copy it. Just a small amount, not too much copy it. Make sure you add the quotes inside or on the outside. Add the quotes and paste it into the the part where you add your comments about the posting and then you can add a little bit more as I did here when I used a quote from this article about immigration. You can do all of those things when you share a posting from someone else, and what you do helps to build on those ideas and that’s a pretty valuable thing. I think if we want to have a big discussion about a topic, it’s great to have all kinds of ideas built into it. This is a really great for you as you build your list of contacts because you’ll be able to be connected to other people through what you share.

Come to a personal reckoning

However, there is another more important value and it’s something that is kind of deeper than just building your list of contacts. What I’m talking about is the idea that you come to a kind of Personal Reckoning about what you believe and you say to yourself and to other people. I agree with this, this is an idea that I think is worthwhile and you say that in a very public way on LinkedIn and that can be a little bit scary because it opens you up to a lot of criticism. But at the same time, this is really you demonstrating who you are, what you think, what you believe, your brand, This is important to also because it’s you exercising your right in a democratic society to freedom of expression. It feels pretty awesome to exercise that, right. It also gets you set up for standing up for yourself in all kinds of ways and standing up for the ideas that you believe in. When you get comfortable doing that, you also get more comfortable. All standing up for others. That is really valuable to This has been a really quick introduction to sharing postings on LinkedIn and the value of asserting yourself in this way. Join me again for episode 8 of getting comfortable with LinkedIn.